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Amazing “board water sports” experience at Mauritius
Oktober 2021

Bring your experience to the next level and master all boards sports with us. We go to Mauritius! Join us to this bounty island with epic board sport conditions. Flat water within the lagoon and ultimate waves.


amazing board sport experience together.

Are you ready for;

  • Wing-foiling

  • Kite-foiling

  • Surfing

  • Supping

  • Surf foiling

  • Kite surfing

& for the real adrenaline thrill seeker Mauritius is delivering Big Waves everyday, all day long!


Why is this trip so special?

sport activity every day

We got you covered for a board sport activity every day. If there’s no wind, we have a private speed boat to bring you to the waves. Or to practice a little bit more just for fun. And when everyone is hungry, we can experience some unique spots at the Island for a BBQ, supping, diving and a lot of cool drinks. And on top of that we have also amazing non-board sport activities for you to explore on the Island. What do you think of

  • Tandem paragliding

  • Kayaking

  • Cross-fit

  • Fitness with the locals

  • Fishing & BBQ

  • Hiking

  • Island road tripping

This our home away from home

Our Accommodations

Check Latest Accommodations place now. For more details contact us now


home away from home

1st Accommodation

The Villa is located in the charming village of La Gaulette on the south ouest of Mauritius, 8 km from the famous kite spot of Le Morne, UNESCO world class heritage. On this beautiful spot you'll discover the famous One Eye which is one of the fastest and cleanest windsurf and kitesurf waves in the world. 

Nice villa with two apartments. The first floor apartment includes:

  • Two air conditioned double bedrooms one of which has a connecting bathroom.

  • A second bathroom.

  • A spacious and cozy living room that gives access to the terrasse and to the swimming pool.

  • A rooftop terrace will welcome your barbecues and drinks with an awesome view on the lagoon and its magic sunsets.

  • Unlimited wifi and a private parking.

  • You will also have access to our kayaks and standup paddles to explore the immense lagoon of Le Morne and enjoy a picnic on Ileaux Bénitiers just in front of the villa.


owner lives in the ground floor apartment

The apartments are cleaned every day except Sundays and public holidays. The towels and linen are provided and regularly refreshed. You will also enjoy an unlimited access to WIFI and each apartment has its own safe deposit box for your valuables. The villa is secured


home away from home

2nd Accommodation

This Villa is located in La Gaulette the closest village to Le Morne, 10 min from all the Kite, Windsurf and Surf spots. "This solution is perfect for those who want to spend their holidays in Mauritius at an affordable price, but without missing anything (not even their own privacy!)

The villa is composed of nine bedrooms (each with its own private bathroom) spread into five apartments, equipped with kitchen sand balconies facing the sea.. you will have your privacy, but you will also have the opportunity to share common areas where you will meet new people, share experiences and spend your time eating, playing.. or simply relaxing in our large garden.

In the (hopefully rare) windless or wave less days, you will be able to enjoy the different available ACTIVITIES...

The apartments are cleaned every day except Sundays and public holidays. The towels and linen are provided and regularly refreshed. You will also enjoy an unlimited access to wifi and each apartment has its own safe deposit box for your valuables. The villa is secured.


What to Expect

The famous wave, One Eye

If there is one wave that has featured on more covers, in more videos and sits at the pinnacle of most riders' ambitions, it is the fabled One Eye in Mauritius. One Eye has captured the hearts of everyone who has ever scored it on a good day. Wave riders will find the ultimate waves here. One-Eye is for more experienced boarders, the famous barrel One-eye, which closes really fast as claps on the reef. On a small swell day One Eye is your playground to experience your first steps Surfing on a clean fast wave.

The slow Dragon, Manawa

Manawa the slow dragon is perfect as a try out. You can practice, practice and practice all day long, Manawa delivers sometimes huge, yet safe place to play in bigger waves. On a small swell day Manawa is your playground to experience your first steps Wing Foiling or Surf Foiling on nice clean waves. And when there is no wind, our private speedboat will bring you there.


The famous kite lagoon

For the Wing Foil Riders, Surfers, wave riders and SUP addicts, the kite lagoon has is delivering everyday waves on little reef. It’s a very safe place to start learning and be 06:00 hour in the morning the spot is delivering the most beautiful and clean waves till the wind picks up at 12:00 hour And on this spot, everything will come together, here you can practice, practice and practice your new trick or technic here. We are there for you to support with world class Coaches.

Maurice wave.jpg

Do we need to say more

Mauritius has it all

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Board sport and non-board sports

  • Foiling Kite (Lagoon and Waves)

  • Foiling Wing (Lagoon and Waves)

  • SUP (Lagoon and Waves at Little Reef or Tamarin)

  • Surfing Little Reef, One-Eye, Tamarin and many more spots)

  • Windsurfing (Lagoon, One-eye and Wanawa)

  • Wave Clinics (Little Reef, Manawa en One-Eye)

  • Mauritsius Wakepark

  • Gym/Fitness morning or afternoon

  • Le Morne Hiking

  • Snorkling

  • Kite Lessons (Beginners/Intermediate)

Take me to the amazing Freeriders “Kite andWave” experience at Mauritius

We will go with a group of boardsport lovers *** Including:

  • -Accommodation

  • Airport pick-up-Car rental (5 cars for the group)

  • Gym and sport possibilities

  • Breakfast

  • Fun and amazing experience

Please check our local partners for the accommodation services:





  • Flight Ticket

  • Star Chef diner/BBQ

  • Lessons and gear rental

  • Lots of other activities (snorkling, sup, hike, etc)

Please check our local partners for extra activities: