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The Freeriders | Cape Verde  | Ponta Preta |Ponta de Lema Velho | Ponta do Sino | Alibaba| Santa maria | NO STRESS

Cape Verde Kite, Wave & Surf Adventure


Well know and broadly recognized as the (kite) surfing capital of the North African subcontinent, Santa Maria, Sal is the island where you can experience. NO STRESS


Santa Maria, Sal is the island where you can experience


The Famous wave spot Ponta Preta will disappear in the coming years for wave riders. The land property (Ponta Preta) has been bought by a large resort chain to build new apartments. This means that the wind (NE) will disappear on the famous wave spot Ponta Preta


Last boarding call to rip the wave spot Ponta Preta.

The Famous wave spot Ponta Preta.

In huge NW swell, one of the world’s fastest and most beautiful waves runs in Ponta Preta. It’s experts-only as the wave breaks so close to the rocky shore that almost every wipe-out results in lost gear – the leeward launch alone is demanding enough with its pounding shorebreak. The wind doesn’t want too much east in it: regular NE is already cross-off! Surfers, windsurfers and kiters all share the wave, but twin-tips aren’t appropriate.


boom-town of Santa Maria

Kite | Surf | Wave paradise

The water temperature average is always around 23ºC and 28ºC, the white sand beaches and the crystal water, make this place the perfect destination for a water sports vacation also during winter.

The water temperature average is always around 23ºC and 28ºC, the white sand beaches and the crystal water, make this place the perfect destination for a water sports vacation also during winter.


Master class BIG air + foto's

boom-town of Santa Maria 

Mitu Monteiro and Djo Silva, two of the bests if no simply the best wave kitesurf riders in the world and their beautiful wives, had build a wooden bar/school and kitesurf board rental just on the beach.


Extremely convenient for the non riders as well as for the ones going to practice this sport. Mitu & Djo are always on the beach if they are not at Punta Preta enjoying themselves. They and the rest of the staff, will help you with anything you need.


Master class BIG air + foto's

Master your Big Air skills

Always wanted to jump that meter higher? Cabo Verde is your change. Bob de Bruin (jumps over 20m+) will teach and push you over your limits. There will also be a professional camera to catch your best action.

And if you ready you can show your Big Air Skills to a wider audience at “Kite Beach” where everybody is watching the Pro's.

Ponta do Leme

If you’re not an experienced wave rider yet, Ponta do Leme the perfect spot to master your skills. When the waves work the swell is, in general, wind-generated but wraps around the point running perpendicular with the shore, creating waves of up to 2.5m.

When the swell is working, Ponta do Leme Velho is delivering beautiful clean waves to get addicted to the sport.

Here you can score a couple of nice bottom turns with some decent lips. Stick with the wave as it often reforms fifty metres further on.


Salinas or Shark Bay “los tiburones” aka “Kite Beach”

Don’t get freaked by the name. No, not kite beach, but shark bay. Get a pickup to this location, which is on the north east side of Santa Maria and costs about 1000$. The best spot to start is at the northern end of the bay just in front of the house on the beach. Even on a small day, when there is little swell at Ponta Leme, there can be some fun-sized waves that are great for port tack jumping and reasonable starboard tack riding that break fifty metres from the shore over the reef.


Secret Spot and Alibaba

Beyond 'Sleeping Lion Mountain’ is Secret Spot, which still gets a bit of swell even when everywhere else on the west coast is flat. The point-break’s a pretty easy ride, it’s just the rocky launch that hurts.

Next door, there is at least a bit of a rocky beach in Alibababut nothing around it but sharp volcanic stone. It’s worth the sacrifice on a big swell as clean faces run from the north of the bay, 500m offshore. Both spots only work in N-NE wind, E is too offshore

There’s more to explore with The Freeriders​


Half day sailing trip


Diving Tour​


Lounge Catamaran


Horse riding


Shark Swimming​


2h SSV Buggy Desert Adventure

Learn from the best and repeat

Are you ready to ride the waves together with the world champions Mitu Monteiro, Matchu Lopes and Airton Cozzolino. Ponta Preta is the home spot of this 3 champions.


surfing capital of the North African subcontinent

There are many more spots to discover on this (kite) surfing capital of the North African subcontinent, Santa Maria, Sal. 

  •  The Freeriders are going to discover them all “We just need to wait for a green light signal on Windguru to go…..”​

  • Keep in mind, the famous spots like Ponta Preta will only work a couple of times per season. All basic conditions (wind/swell) has to be right at the same time. You need to be prepared.

  • West coast wave spots like Ponta Preta work best with a NW swell but westerly swell also works. A minimum of 1.5m is needed (1.5/2m at Ponta Preta). The swell is generated from Atlantic lows and hurricanes that hit America. Best time of year for this swell is mid-Jan to March.

  • Swell on the east coast is, in general, wind generated but wraps to create some nice waves at Ponta Leme Velho, Salinas and in the bay of Santa Maria. However any storm driven swell from the south can also produce some waves.


When the kite | Surf | wave party is over

famous nightlife startsfor TheFreeriders in Santa Maria.

Nightlife in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is famous for its love of music and relaxed lifestyle. Nightlife in Cape Verde is low key but there is more than enough to keep you entertained.


The main nightlife centre for tourists is the town of Santa Maria on the Island of Sal. Here you will find a varied combination of hotel based entertainment providing traditional dancing and live music, and the main town strip which offers a choice of venues including dance bars, cocktail lounges and live music.

The Freeriders last minute game plan:​

If you want to join this amazing wave trip you must be available between November 2020 and March 2021​

We will check the wind and swell forecast daily and if the forecast is good (kiting for at least 4 days) then we decide to go for a week trip (7 days)​

Then have +/- 7 days to arrange airline tickets, accommodation and transport (4x4) for a week.

Beach Fun

We will go with a group max 10 persons including:​

  • ​(Villa) Accommodation​

  • Airport pick-up​
    Pick-up Cars 4x4  (private car on request)​

  • Breakfast​

  • The Freeriders Team on the water and beach for coaching and support​

  • Reliable Wind, water, lagoons, (Big) waves and sun all day​

  • Amazing night live and parties​

  • Fun, new friendships and amazing experience​

  • As said the Famous wave spot Ponta Preta will disappear in the coming years for wave riders.

An unforgettable journey driven by a board community, passion, adrenaline and fun sharing....

€ 699/Person​

7 nights | all inclusive​

Discount Freeriders members € 100,- p/person (€ 599/person)

Book your seat now for 699 Euro p/person | through whatsapp |  Jeffrey 00316-41291511​

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