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The Freeriders | Mauritius | One-Eye | Wanawa | Tamarin | Le Morne | La Gaulette

Mauritius Kite, Wave & Surf Adventure

Enjoy the very best of Mauritius - The Freeriders go to Mauritius! Join us to this bounty island with epic kite & Surf conditions. Flat water within the lagoon and ultimate waves.


Amazing experience and most respected beast

The Famous One-Eye

If there is one wave that has featured on more covers, in more videos and sits at the pinnacle of most riders ambitions, it is the fabled One Eye in Mauritius. One Eye has captured the hearts of everyone who has ever scored it on a good day.

One Eye is definitely the most respected beasts in Le Morne 

The slow dragon

The friendly dragon Wanawa

Le Morne is a spot that needs no introduction. Wave riders will find the ultimate waves here. Manawa the slow dragon is perfect as a try out. You can practice, practice and practice all day long, Manawa delivers sometimes huge, yet safe place to play in bigger waves.


Till you confident enough to try the world famous One-Eye on a smaller day. One-Eye is for very experienced boarders, the famous barrel One-eye, which closes really fast as claps on the reef....

The shallow, razor-sharp reef doesn’t            forgive mistakes

The world famous Reef barrel

BIG wave sessions


On a “Big” One- Eye days we offer personal supervision and private rescue boot support. Safety is a key word when talking about One Eye. One Eye has captured the hearts of everyone who has ever scored it on a good day. Are you ready to barrel with us......

The famous local rider Willem -River Tonkin gives also private masterclass wave sessions 

Within the reef there is beautiful flat water lagoon, perfect to practice your next trick. The 'kite lagoon' and its reef around is one of the most picturesque locations in the world.


Besides kitesurfing there is lots of beautiful nature, wildlife, activities and off course Le Morne.

Master class BIG air + foto's

Master your Big Air skills

Always wanted to jump that meter higher? Mauritius is your change. Bob de Bruin (jumps over 20m+) will teach and push you over your limits. 


There will also be an professional camera to catch your best action. 

And if you ready you can show your Big Air Skills to a wider audience at THE Point Beach Le Morne where everybody is watching the Pro's  


The famous Le morne lagoon

Eat, sleep, kite and repeat


The island creates an incredible environment for the water sports. Surrounding coral reefs form flat water lagoons with perfectly shallow, crystal clear water, but impressive waves start kicking off not even a mile from the shore.

This place is a playground perfectly suited for all skill levels from beginners to seasoned riders. The lagoon is good for kitesurfing lessons, freeride, freestyle, foil and even some epic wave riding on the outer reef. 

Get me in already to Mauritius Paradise

We will go with a group max 18 persons including:

  •  Villa Accommodation

  •  Airport pick-up

  •  Pick-up Cars  (private car on request)

  •  Gym and sport possibilities

  •  Breakfast

  •  2 BBQ nights with DJ and fun

  •  Coaches and experienced trainers on the water and beach

  •  Reliable Wind, water, lagoons, (Big) waves and sun all day

  •  Fun, new friendships and amazing experience


Available Dates: 


11 September - 25 September 2020


12 Oktober - 26 Oktober 2020


Please check our local website for the Villa accommodation foto's, Kite gear rental, kite lessons and extra services:

€ 699,- per person 

15 nights | all inclusive




-Flight Ticket
- Star Chef diner/BBQ (on request)
- Lessons and gear rental
-Lots of other activities (snorkeling, sup, hike, etc

Please check our local website for extra activity services:


An unforgettable journey driven by a board community, passion, adrenaline and stress

Do we need to say more

Mauritius has it all...............


GKA World Tour at Mauritius 19 -27 September 2020

Your change to kite with the pro's all day


Activities, Things to do in Mauritius

Master all sports

Mauritius is delivering every day a unique and amazing experience




  • Kite

  • SUP

  • Wing


  • Tamarin

  • Little-Reef

  • Chameaux

  • One-Eye

  • And many more secret spots to discover.........


  • Lagoon

  • One-eye

  • Manawa

  • And many more secret spots to discover.....


  • Little Reef

  • Chameaux

  • Lagoons

  • Tamarin

  • And many more secret spots to discover....



  • Lagoons

  • Bel-Ombre 

  • Little Reef

  • And many many more secret spots to discover.....

Mauritius Wakepark 

Last boarding call | reserve your seat through whatsapp | 00316-41291511 

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Discover the best of.........

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