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Our goal is to bring like-minded kitesurfers together and experience the ultimate boardsport-lifestyle.

The Freeriders Kitesurf Community is born out of passion, inspired by the thrill of board sports and the search for adrenaline. By organizing events, activities and trips, The Freeriders unites kiters on board and beyond. Kiting with your buddies around the world, getting off the radar on a camper trip or going for your first snow-kite experience in the mountains – whatever we do, it will stay on top of your mind..


Being a Freerider means...

  • Unforgettable events, activities and trips

  • Getting your riding to the next level with Progression clinics

  • New friends with the same passion

  • A kite community Beyond Borders 

  • Discount on Partners Shop And brands 

  • Access to A second-Hand Market of kite Brands 

  • The ultimate kitesurf lifestyle!

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Good fun with like-minded kite surfers

What do you want to see in the Freeriders Events Calendar?



We are constantly looking for enthousiastic boardsporters who want to help building The Freeriders community! An active member would help us to organize events, trips, engage new partnerships, and more.. The sky is the limit! You will get rewarded with a free membership Pro and more! Together we're building the coolest kite surf community worldwide! 

The Freeriders are currently looking for:

  • Content creator for social media/website/emailing

  • Active members that would like to take ownership on a event/trip/city


Interested? Apply by filling the form on the right! :) 


Or contact us:

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